Our Vendors

Whistlestop Cafe

We offer bread thwhistleat’s organic, naturally fermented, hand-shaped, hearth-baked, crusty, hearty, and all around delicious! Our sourdough culture has been developing for 20 years, giving our bread a distinctive and complex flavor profile.  We use three basic ingredients in our bread and starter: organic bread flour, water, and kosher salt.

Hels’ Bells Handmade

Hels bellsHels has been crafting and making art since she was a kid.  She professionally makes goods and works as a pastry chef in Pennsylvania. Looking for a niche, she decided to experiment and make what she loves most. She loves to work with new media and subjects, changing her focus to keep herself interested and excited to share her art with others. Hopefully you love it just as much as she does!


Bridge is a social enterprise platform that introduces people to cross-cultural experiences locally. We do this through food, music, and art offered by refugee families.

Burnt Timbers Winery

BTWe have have a variety of both red and white wines with variations of sweet to dry.  our winery in Granville is the perfect venue to relax and sip some wine while enjoying the incredible views and delights of rural Pennsylvania.  Their winery sits on 100+ acres of farm land bordering the Juniata river and the PA railroad. We are dedicated to making fine wines in a variety of styles.

Brabble Hill Farm

Brabble_Hill_farmWe’re trying to turn our 10 acres of neglected, hillside farmland into a magical food forest. We’ll be growing over 80 varieties each of vegetables and flowers. We have chosen heirloom varieties for the vegetables to be able to offer different colors, textures and tastes from conventional. We’re also growing mushrooms: lion’s mane, shiitake and oysters. Our flowers are also grown on Brabble hill and supplemented with foraged wild flowers.

Maddy’s Kitchen

We are a family owned business. We believe that good food is part of every celebration and we aim to provide that to our customers. Our food is made with healthy ingredients and we support our local farmers in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Dragon Oils

dragon_oilsOur mission is to fill your life with all things good. The products we put out we stand by 100%, if it doesn’t work we don’t sell it. Natural and organic products are the perfect addition to any home. We pride ourselves on putting out cruelty free body products. Safe for the family with the added confidence that we use less chemicals and fillers than the big store brands. We are here to assure you have quality product that you will be a fan of for the rest of your life.

Sage and Beauty

Sage and Beauty is an all natural line of products for the skin and the soul.  Their promise is to create all natural, sustainable products, without the use of harsh chemicals, aluminum, colorants, foaming agents, or symthetic fragrances, that come in pretty eco-friendly and reusable packaging.  We hand make all products and source CBD from an outstanding Oregon farm.  Products include soaps, lotion bars, body souffles, bath bombs, and so much more!


EarthencolorEarthencolor is a lifestyle inspired by a love of nature. Each piece is handmade and botanically dyed with admiration and respect to mother earth. The colors processed from plants are synonymous to a life harmonious with the outdoors; each color yielded is unique in a life and story of its own, continuous of its former physical state.The result of this is a special characteristic applied to the cloth which embodies the beauty of nature which plants imprint their life upon.

BeeBee’s All Naturals

beebees logoLori Stahl, owner of BeeBee’s All Naturals, maintains several Apiaries throughout Lancaster and Southeastern York County. She serves on the Pennsylvania Honeybee Advisory Board & in the past has served as the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association representative to the Pennsylvania Farm Council & chaired their legislative committee. She was also treasurer for the Lancaster County Beekeepers Society.  She works to initiate programs that will educate the public and beekeepers on ways to help the bees.

Sweet Tulip

sweet tulip logo - Nina Preston

Sweet Tulip specializes in creating hand-made Jams where the fruit is the super star, not the sweetener. Each fruit is hand selected, carefully processed, and lightly sweetened with honey. The natural flavor of each fruit shines through and that is what makes Sweet Tulip Jams so special! We also offer baked goods and pastries that showcase a variety of our fruit flavors. Stop by the market and try your new favorite fruit jam!

Wise Oak Herbs

wiseoakWise Oak Herbs was established in 2013 to offer locally crafted herbal products for body and soul. We strive to create products that are gentle and nourishing for the whole family to use and are items that we use and love in our daily lives. Each product is made intentionally with the greatest care for the sustainability of our plant beings and therefore some products are only offered on a seasonal basis as the plants are available.

Keeping It Wool


Keeping It Wool is keeping crochet kewl by creating each piece by hand and providing quality crochet accessories.  We offer custom created collectibles, figures and custom garments and more. I just get deep in my creative place and just dive into my work.


walkotacoWalk-o Taco

Nacho average brown bag lunch. Traditional Mexican to unique flavors all in a portable brown bag of crunchy goodness. Seasonal, fresh ingredients to keep your taste buds happy. Holy Guacamole!


Wood ‘n Glasscapture

Deb Becker has two passions that are brought together in her work: art and  nature. Her art is a creative joining of stained glass and wood using a variety of techniques including fusing, mosaic and copper foil. She hand carves wood and uses a variety of natural and organic objects in much of her work.  All of her pieces are one of a kind.

Harvest Moon Bagel Company


Whether you’re a bagel connoisseur or just love all kinds of doughy goodness, you’re sure to be wowed by Harvest Moon Bagel Co. With bagels hand rolled and made from scratch using local and organic flour and a unique variety of spreads, there’s seemingly no end to the possibility of delicious bagel and cream cheese combinations form these wonderful people. Check them out next time you’re at market to grab a bagel or twelve!



Known for mushroom research, production and education, MycoSymbiotics is your one-stop-shop for all things fungi!  Here to provide you with the freshest, most local mushrooms straight from our farm. Not a fan of gourmet mushrooms but want all the wonderful health benefits? Try our food as medicine line specializing in extraction innovation bringing you the latest in mushroom research.

Big 5 African Cuisine

27540687_193826414543111_4099986696991443882_nThe Big 5 African Cuisine will be featuring African food, mainly from East Africa. Some of the food that will be featured are: Pilau rice, beef stew, Sukuma wiki (collard greens), Samosa’s among other things. Stop by the market and try our delicious food.


Smokers Marina  smokers_marina

The mission of Smokers Marina is to awaken and reintroduce the use of Hemp and Cannabis, and to continue research in hope to find other ways this amazing plant can improve the life of earth and mankind!

Photos by Emily

Emily is a photographer, artist, and writer. She believes everyone in the world is blessed with a gift, and her gift is to show the indescribable wonder of God’s world through art, especially photography and writing.  

Thistle Springs Farm

ThistleHere at Thistle Springs Farm, we grow food the way it’s intended to be. We grow and harvest real food; free of chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, using sustainable farming practices and techniques. You can expect fresh locally grown produce from our farm directly to you.


TreasurehutbysiriSiri’s love for Nature, arts and Indian culture, all together made her create a brand of her own which reflects the rich heritage of India through its folk & traditional art forms. When Siri was child, she used to love decorating my house entrance with beautiful rangoli designs and that continuous practice now earns her the compliments like “steady hand” & “therapeutic work.”

Fear No Lit

Fear No Lit is a Lancaster-based organization working to create offbeat literary experiences both online and in person. Co-founded by Tyler Barton and Erin Dorney, Fear No Lit will provide free writing activities for all ages and spotlight local authors for the 2019 East Side Arts Market season. Learn more at http://www.fearnolit.com.

Barb’s Baubles

Beading and jewelry making have been Barb’s passions for more than 15 years. During a lengthy period of illness and injury she continued to study projects and techniques, finally returning to active creative work upon her recovery. It is with renewed enthusiasm and a new variety of jewelry and baubles that she returns to Lancaster East Side Market!

My Peruvian Treasures


Each and every ‘My Peruvian Treasures’ product is hand crafted by Peruvian Artisans with natural fibers like Organic Cotton and Alpaca. Their Organic Jewelry is made from very unique sources like Nuts, Seeds, Fruit Peels and other natural materials. Ethically and Sustainable Made because “Fashion should Always feel Good!


Slow Rise Bakery

slowrise_logo2We use as many organic ingredients as is practical and no preservatives.  We shape by hand and follow artisan standards for ingredients, slow dough development and labeling.  Our breads contain a high percentage of fiber providing a fiber/carbohydrate ratio that is healthier than commercial bread.

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