Our Vendors

                                       Horseshoe Ranch

HorseshoeHorse Shoe Ranch is committed to nourishing the land and the people by growing the freshest and tastiest varieties for our members. We pride ourselves on providing you with organically grown, beautiful and sustainable produce.  We want food to be as it should be.  All of our seeds used are non GMO and we also grow a large variety of heirlooms . In addition to our on farm CSA, we will be selling produce at East Side Market in Lancaster City and to a wide array of restaurants in Lancaster and York.

Upohar Global Flavors Catering


Upohar’s Global Flavors Catering branch offers distinctive global fare using fresh local ingredients. Our extensive menus (which now include Catering by Christina’s authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and Global Kitchen’s popular Asian dishes) provide an enticing lens into our team members’ rich cultures of origin. We specialize in vegan, vegetarian and naturally gluten-free food. We cater private and corporate events, large and small, and work with you to create the perfect menu!

roundlabelMy Peruvian Treasures

Each and every ‘My Peruvian Treasures’ product is hand crafted by Peruvian Artisans with natural fibers like Organic Cotton and Alpaca. Their Organic Jewelry is made from very unique sources like Nuts, Seeds, Fruit Peels and other natural materials. Ethically and Sustainably Made because “Fashion should Always feel Good!


Isabelle Cuisine

IsabelleIsabelle Warfel of Isabelle Cuisine offers international foods. Highlights include: Curry chicken, African chicken peanut soup, Rice balls, Senegalese pilaf, Black bean soup,  Village rice, French potato stew and Pumpkin coconut soup.  Their menu is diverse and international, mostly west African and exceptionally flavorful. We will be featuring many more exciting dishes in weeks to come. Come for lunch if you can!                                             


We offer bread thwhistleat’s organic, naturally fermented, hand-shaped, hearth-baked, crusty, hearty, and all around delicious! Our sourdough culture has been developing for 20 years, giving our bread a distinctive and complex flavor profile.  We use three basic ingredients in our bread and starter: organic bread flour, water, and kosher salt.

beebees logo


BeeBee’s All Naturals grew out of a calling to beekeeping as well as a desire to offer Beautiful Products created from the hives.  Lori Stahl strives to offer all natural pure ingredients obtained, as directly as possible, from suppliers with organic and sustainable practices.  BeeBees offers honey, candles, skin care products, and honey candy.


Harvest_Moon_Wide_LogoWhether you’re a bagel connoisseur or just love all kinds of doughy goodness, you’re sure to be wowed by Harvest Moon Bagel Co. With bagels hand rolled and made from scratch using local and organic flour and a unique variety of spreads, there’s seemingly no end to the possibility of delicious bagel and cream cheese combinations form these wonderful people. Check them out next time you’re at market to grab a bagel or twelve!


We at East Side Market know that our butterflyfurry friends deserve the best they can get, and that’s why we love our vendor, Butterfly Farm Pet Treats! Producing truly homemade dog treats from ingredients fit for their owners, Butterfly Farm Pet Treats caters to big dogs, small dogs and everything in between with a wide assortment of flavors. For both dogs with picky eating habits and puppies who gobble up all they can get, these treats will definitely be something special.


tropipop truckAs the summer heat continues to beat down on all of us, you may want to stop by Musser Park on Sundays between 10-2 to try one of Tropipop’s delicious and unique homemade, artisan popsicles! They carry flavors from the conventional grape and strawberry, to the less so honeydew basil and cucumber fennel. Although they only joined our team a little while ago, they have quickly become a market favorite and one of our staples. We can’t wait to see you on Sunday and hear which flavor you decide to try!

WOOD ‘N GLASScapture

Deb Becker has two passions that are brought together in her work: art and  nature. Her art is a creative joining of stained glass and wood using a variety of techniques including fusing, mosaic and copper foil. She hand carves wood and uses a variety of natural and organic objects in much of her work.  All of her pieces are one of a kind.


SMOKERS MARINA   smokers_marina

The mission of Smokers Marina is to awaken and reintroduce the use of Hemp and Cannabis, and to continue research in hope to find other ways this amazing plant can improve the life of earth and mankind!



Dani Dani Dimon is a potter from Lancaster, currently making work out of Goggleworks Studio. Her line of home goods includes handmade mugs, bowls, plates, jars, and other various ceramic treats. 




popGourmet Popcorn of Carlisle is a family owned and operated business that began as a “kitchen experiment” and has evolved into a popcorn factory that uses the finest natural ingredients in making the best tasting popcorn. At Gourmet Popcorn of Carlisle we take great pride in our popcorn.  Being a small business owner comes with many challenges, but it really is so fulfilling. I think my customers truly appreciate the pride I take in my product.


Bloombox grows organic herbs, veggies and flowers and delivers them right to your door. Visit them at their East Side Market stand to shop seasonal, organic plants  and accessories for your garden.

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