Vendor Spotlight: Neighbor Made

We’re all very excited and hope to see you at our second market day this Sunday, May 22nd from 10 AM-2 PM!  In the meantime, get to know one of our vendors, Neighbor Made, with this brief message from the owner!
“My stand ‘Neighbor Made’ is about helping you (yes, you!) make connections to artisans locally and globally who are doing beautiful work that ripples out into their communities. Swing by on Sundays to see a variety of gift items such as vibrant, hand-woven market baskets from mothers in Ghana, illustrated recipe cards, or vintage-fabric earrings that help fund the education of street children in Tanzania. I’m excited to share the stories behind these products, and be part of the goodness that is happening at East Side Market. Hope to see you there!”

Vendor Spotlight: The Global Kitchen

Each week we celebrate one of our amazing East Side Market vendors. This week we are featuring a message from the wonder chef and East Side Market Vendor, Chef Dianne owner of the Global Kitchen:

DianneFoodPics“We believe that delicious food can and should be good for you and help to support your healthy lifestyle. Amazing flavors can be teased from healthful ingredients with use of herbs, spices and condiments and careful application of cooking methods. The results are truly palate-pleasing!

By looking to the cuisines of the world, we are able to create dishes and menus that will please the pickiest of eaters and inspire those who love to experiment.

Our focus is on fresh ingredients, simple cooking methods and seasonings that bring out the best food has to offer. We offer a variety of dishes and cuisines, including both vegetarian and vegan selections.

In addition, we offer catering and personal chef services and are available to prepare our delicious foods for your next party or your family dinner. With over three decades of experience in 5-star hotels and restaurants, we can prepare meals for you that will suit every situation, event and palate.

Visit us at the East Side Market to taste what careful blending of herbs and spices can do for some of your most favorite and familiar ingredients.”