Lancaster East Side Market is a gathering place where members of the community offer their products and expertise to develop a sense of local pride and create a vibrant, family friendly space. Our vendors and volunteers are passionate about supporting small businesses in their mission to  bring your family the very highest quality products. By hosting a weekly farmers market with live music,  skillshares, and children’s activities, we provide a way for all residents to share the experience and shape the very special cultural identity of our  city.


According to the City of Lancaster, the original Eastern Market operated from 1883 thru 1918. (Some sources cite dates as early as 1882 and as late as 1927.) It was one of the original Lancaster City Market houses which included: Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern, Fulton, West End and Arcade markets. Some of these buildings are still standing, including the historic Eastern and Southern market buildings.

In 2005, the Eastern Market building at 308 East King Street was purchased by Tabor Community Services. The following year they re-opened Eastern Market. Its mission was to provide community space and improve food access for an under-served neighborhood. Early champions that helped make this happen included Linda Aleci at Franklin and Marshall College’s Local Economy Center (LEC), Lancaster Buy Fresh Buy Local,  the Threshold Foundation, Assets Lancaster, the Lancaster County Community Foundation, and Tabor’s East King Improvement District (EKID) project.

Early vendors were numerous. That list includes: A Loaf of Bread, True Expresso, Slow Rise Bakery, Rafiki Deli, Expressly Local, Lime Valley Produce, Abundant Earth Co-op, Lindendale Goat Cheese, Ornery Ladybug Farm, Gursha, Sweet Infinity, Bancroft Market, The Fed, Carmen & David’s Creamery, Homegrown Edible Landscaping Co., Kingston Caribbean, Shuey’s Hamburgers, Susquehanna Farm School, the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, Ma Tao Tea, MiLi’s Bakery, East Side Community Kitchen, Tamu Tamu Tropical Cuisine, Blue Rock Farm, Green Moon Farm, Farm Fromage Artisan Cheeses, and many others.

The first Market Manager of the contemporary Eastern Market was Fritz Schroder (2006-2008), then Jessica King (2008-2009), followed by Douglas Smith (2009-2010), David Fraile (2010-2012), and Cheryl Alvarez (2012-2015). In 2013 the vendors formed a board to begin managing the market themselves. These original members include Emma Kate Martin, Rachel de Vitry, Caitlin Brady, Lori Stahl, and Cheryl Alvarez. With the cooperation of the Musser Park Civic Association, this new board successfully relocated the market from King Street to Musser park in time for the 2014 season. The market was re-named East Side Market.

In 2016 the board changed over and Alvarez transitioned the Market Manager role to a new team consisting of Sarah McGahran, Thatcher Graham, and Rachel de Vitry. The market re-incorporated as Lancaster East Side Market, LLC. By the end of the season, McGahran had departed and Audrie Marsh de Vitry had joined.

We now stand at the threshold of the 2017 season, East Side Market’s 10th year, 3rd year, or 134th year depending on how you prefer to count it.


Rachel de Vitry
Since 2006, Rachel has grown organic vegetables on farms both large and small throughout the state of Pennsylvania, utilizing mechanized and non-mechanized methods, intensive planting, and year-round growing techniques. This experience has been put to use managing her own small farm, Ornery Ladybug Farm, LLC., and overseeing two urban farms for Urban Tree Connection, based in Philadelphia, PA. Rachel is currently the Operations Manager at Kitchen Table Consultants and is a founding board member of Lancaster East Side Market.

Audrie Marsh de Vitry
Audrie is a Philadelphia native, living in Lancaster City since 2003. For 13 years, Audrie has been a full time adult mental-health social worker,  also dedicating her free time to social justice causes. Audrie has been the owner operator of Lordy Bee’s Vegan Bakery, and was a founding member/owner of The Seed, a worker-owned cafe serving up health-focused vegan & vegetarian fare. She joined the board of Lancaster East Side Market in June of 2016.

Genevieve Slocum
Genevieve is a graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in Sociology. She was a research intern at the Rodale Institute in 2006, assisting in organic cover cropping and farming systems research trials.  In the following years she went on to work at 14-Acre Farm, Eckerton Hill farm, Everblossom Farm, and Beechdale Farm. In 2010, she got her Masters degree in Public Policy & Environmental Science. Currently she is Marketing and Research Support at King Agriseeds, a forage and cover crop seed company in Lancaster, PA. Gen is also a prolific writer; contributing to OnPasture.com, Morning Ag Clips, Progressive Forage Grower, Organic Gardening Magazine, Lancaster Farming newspaper, Country Folks, and Farmshine. She Joined the board in 2017.

Thatcher Graham
Thatcher grew up on a farm in eastern Connecticut and moved to the Philadelphia area in 2003 after stops in New York City and Atlanta, GA. He moved to Lancaster in 2013. He has at different times been a public radio host, music promoter, music columnist, project manager, data analyst, booking agent, and a purchasing manager. He has been a volunteer at Lancaster East Side Market for 3 years and joined the board in 2016.

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