New products at East Side Market


Welcome to the dog days of summer! This week we offered double-header yoga sessions running from 10 AM-12 PM and had a bunch of new and regular yogis join us. As the yogis saluted the sun, our vendors were hard at work serving up breakfast and lunch from Whistlestop Cafe, the Global Kitchen, and Harvest Moon Bagel Co.

Our sweet tooth was not to be forgotten either as Fudge-o-lutely, The Baker’s Lover, and Tropipop (our newest cold treat vendor!) brought new seasonal flavors inspired by the summer days–earl grey cardamom fudge, honeydew basil popsicles, and more!

13532925_509919629211240_1284880646171347306_nEven our body care vendors, The Raw Spa and Lyes and Lathers were inspired by the season. The Raw Spa introduced their new “Farm Stand Line” of products. The line consists of a range of products–face fondant, face washes, skim parfaits & quench creams–in the decadent flavors of heart beet, light bulb, strawberry shortcake, and rhubarb crumb. The coolest part? Ask Mack and she can tell you the exact farms she derives all of her ingredients from. This week she used beets and fennel from Horse Shoe Ranch and strawberries and rhubarb from highland orchards how awesome is that?!

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