Real food


From Rachel, Assistant Market Manager:

Do you remember the first time you had real food? Not just any food, but food from a farm-to-table restaurant, or fresh from your family’s garden, or just picked from a local farm. Food made with fresh, flavorful ingredients so delicious that even the simplest preparation makes for a spectacular meal.

I still remember my first experience with “real” food. I had a bunch of beets with greens from a local farm, and I approached them as I’d approached vegetables my entire life: as a necessary dietary evil. But we had a good recipe, so I was trying to be optimistic. We peeled and roasted the beets in oil with salt and pepper, then sauteed the greens with garlic, oil, and red wine vinegar. When it was done we tossed the beets and greens with crumbled feta and some pistachios for crunch. I braced myself to suppress that icky-vegetable face on behalf of the others, took a bite and…the food was amazing. Great rich beet flavor with a taste so fresh that I could practically feel my body absorbing the vitamins. The greens were sweet and the flavors, while simple, went together perfectly. I suddenly felt that I’d been wrong about vegetables my entire life, that they weren’t the garnish on the plate but were in fact the main event.

East Side Market is focused on bringing just such real food to you and your family. You can stop by and ask the farmer why this beet is the best she’s ever grown, get a bread recommendation directly from the baker, discuss the ins and outs of local honey with your beekeeper, learn from the chef exactly how much difference fresh herbs can make in a quiche. Our vendors are our farmers, our bakers, our chefs, and you will be getting food from the people most passionate about it.


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